Wilton Lollipops – First Attempt

Wilton Lollipops

This is my first attempt at making lollipops with the Wilton candy molds that my sweet daughter gave me for my birthday last week.

Candy Molds

As you can tell by the picture of my lollipops above, it’s going to take many more attempts until I get these looking “picture perfect” like the one’s they show on the Wilton website. 😉

The molds actually are a lot of fun to work with. I’ve never made this kind of candy before, and frankly, I thought it was going to be much more difficult than it actually was.
Boy, was I pleasantly surprised when everything went smoothly. I think I was most afraid that the lollipops wouldn’t release from their molds – at least not in one piece…but they did. 🙂

The candy wafers are really easy to work with too. They melt very easily in the microwave, and turned out very smooth and creamy.

All-in-All, it was a very fun experience, and I can’t wait to try my second attempt.


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