View – or lack thereof

Dense Fog

Dense Fog

Here’s the view, or lack thereof, that I awoke to this morning. It was predicted that we would have a sunny day here today, which I suppose could still happen if this dense fog burns off.

We could really use a little sunshine, especially since we just officially tied the all-time record of number of days with measurable precipitation – 18 days in a row!! Minor flooding has been reported throughout the area, due to all the rain we’ve been receiving, so I really hope the sun makes an appearance this weekend so things can dry out a bit.

Here’s hoping the view is a little better in your neck of the woods. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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7 Responses

  1. So the fog reaches all the way up to Alaska. We have it here too today, on Vancouver Island. I had hoped it would burn off but it’s taking its time. Fall is in the air.

  2. Rain here…rain and rain and more rain…we are a mud mess!


  3. This is a beautiful photo of the trees in the fog. Please send some of your excess rain down this way — we need it.

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