South Fork Eagle River Trail

South Fork Eagle River Trailhead

South Fork Eagle River Trailhead

Even though we had a pretty gloomy 4th of July holiday weekend last week, It was still decent enough to venture out into the wilderness for a nice long hike.

The South Fork Trail in Eagle River is a fairly easy, and relatively level, trail that winds through some very beautiful alpine and mountain scenery. Wildflowers were everywhere the eye could see, and the teal color and gently flowing waters of the south fork of Eagle River was so lovely.

There were many other hikers on the trail that day, so I wasn’t really worried about running into a bear – although I did find myself scanning the area frequently, so as not to have any surprise encounters. I did see quite a few moose though, including a mamma moose with a calf. The photo I took of them, seen below, was taken from a long distance away. You’ll find yourself in big trouble if you get between a mamma moose and her calf, so I always treat them with respect and give them a wide berth, when at all possible.

Sorry some of the photos are a little dark, but as I mentioned, it was a pretty gloomy day. As is typical on many of my hikes though, the sun started to emerge just as I was returning to the trailhead. (Note: you can click on any picture to view a larger version)

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8 Responses

  1. Beautiful country. I’d be worrying about bears, people or not.

  2. This is a beautiful hike, even on a gloomy day. The scenery is gorgeous. I think you got a good picture of the moose. I’m glad you didn’t encounter any bears.

  3. Love seeing the moose calf. Mama moose is a big girl! That’s beautiful country!

  4. Beautiful. great photo report.

  5. Thanks, The pictures were beautiful! Dave & Mary

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