Playing Tourist – Part 1

Tour buses

What a difference a week makes. Last weekend it snowed, but this weekend is turning out to be absolutely gorgeous. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and the temperature is hovering close to 70 degrees.

I decided to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday, by heading to downtown Anchorage and taking a walk along the coastal trail and through the weekend market. With camera in hand, I decided I would play tourist and take a bunch of photos to share with you. (Note: you can click on any picture to view a larger version)

AK Mom

Westchester Lagoon

Westchester Lagoon

We begin our walking tour at Westchester Lagoon, which is a popular bird watching spot located on the Tony Knowles Coastal trail.

Geese and Seagulls enjoying Westchester Lagoon.


We leave Westchester Lagoon and head north on the coastal trail, heading to downtown Anchorage.

As we approach Knik Arm, we are treated to a spectacular view of Mount Susitna.

Mt. Susitna

Mt. Susitna (or Sleeping Lady Mountain as it is commonly known)

Railroad tracks run along a portion of the coastal trail, but sadly, no trains were going by on this day.


Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.

Many of the trees along the trail still look rather brown, but if you look very closely, you can find some green leaves just beginning to emerge.

After walking a little over 1 1/2 miles, we begin to approach downtown Anchorage.

A Toast… To the Pioneer Women!

There’s the Weekend Market, up on that hill.

Entering the Downtown Anchorage Weekend Market.

I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for Playing Tourist – Part 2, where we’ll take a trip through the market, and explore a few of the sights of downtown Anchorage.

Have a wonderful day!

11 Responses

  1. Thanks for letting us tag along as you played tourist. Anchorage is in a beautiful setting. I especially liked the snow-capped mountain against the blue sky.

  2. Clean, crisp, and pure are words that come to mind when I look at these photos. I enlarged some of the pics and the detail comes right out – those little green leaves that must look wonderful after a long winter.

    • We are enjoying seeing some green, especially after what seemed like a never ending white winter. 🙂

  3. Hi Jeannette, Thank you for the beautiful pictures! Enjoy your stay.

    Mary & Dave

  4. I so enjoyed the virtual tour of your world thank you so much for sharing! I would have liked to have spied a train as well 😉

  5. I loved the trip thru Your photos. Thank You for this post.

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