High Winds and Flooding Rains

Small stream overflowing its bank

Small stream overflowing its bank

The past couple of weeks sure have been tough, weather wise. First we had one wind storm after another that uprooted trees and damaged power lines, and then it rained so hard that it caused flooding in many areas. The winds have calmed down a bit, but the rain has been very persistent. Many streams and rivers around Southcentral Alaska have either overflowed their banks and flooded the areas around them, or they are so rain-swollen that they are right at their high-water mark. Some residents of the town of Talkeetna were asked to evacuate last week because of the threat of flooding, and the city of Seward declared a state of emergency due to widespread flooding.

I really hope the rain lets up soon so the water levels in the streams and rivers get a chance to drop, and we get an opportunity to dry out. However, I just checked the weather forecast and it’s calling for a brief period of sun this afternoon, and then another storm is expected to arrive this evening – bringing with it more wind and rain. Yikes!

I ventured out in the rain yesterday to check out some of the streams in my area, and see what condition they were in after all the recent storms. What I really wanted to see was how rain-swollen they were, and whether or not the water had overflowed the banks. I think the following photos reveal the answer.


Water creeping over the bank of the stream

Water creeping over the bank of the stream

Uprooted tree over high water

Uprooted tree over high water

Rain-swollen stream

Rain-swollen stream

There shouldn't be water here...

There shouldn’t be water here…

Tree uprooted by high winds and soggy ground

Tree uprooted by high winds and soggy ground

9 Responses

  1. Wow, stay safe. The trees look absolutely beautiful beyond the stream!

    • Thanks! I do love Fall and the changing colors of the leaves on the trees. I just wish the rain would let up so I could get out a little more to enjoy it. 🙂

  2. Oh my! You have been dealing with awful weather like we did this summer. Definitely stay safe….I hate getting wind after all that rain because the roosts are so pliable. Beautiful pics though.

  3. Wow, those were some storms! All of that rain, and here we are in a drought! I hope you will be safe and your property unharmed!

  4. It has been raining and raining all the time this autumn. All are tired of the rain. This morning when I fetched our newspaper from mailbox it rained heavily. Now when writing this the rain stopped and we hope that we go outside for walking.

    Great photos!

    • Our rain turned briefly to snow yesterday. Not sure which one I prefer. It seems a little early for snow, but then again, this is Alaska. 🙂
      I hope your rain ends soon and you get to go walking.

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