Magpie Family Update

Young Magpie

Young Magpie

Back in May, I posted some photos of a pair of Magpies building a nest in a tree outside one of my windows. I’m very happy to report that the Magpie couple are now the proud parents of five offspring.

The baby birds are growing rapidly, and they now spend a lot of time out of the nest and sitting in the tree. They act very much like baby birds though when Mama or Papa return with food. They chirp loudly for their parents, and open their beaks wide so that they can be fed.

Mama and Papa still aren’t very happy when my kitty cat sits in the window watching the little family. They immediately come as close to the window as they can get, and squawk loudly at my kitty until she leaves. I don’t think my kitty will be very sad when the young Magpies decide to leave the nest for good, but I will miss them.

Here are some photos of the happy birdie family.


Young Magpie checking out the tree

Young Magpie checking out the tree

Parent Magpie

Not sure if this is Mom or Dad, but the parents are always nearby.

Back of young Magpie

The young Magpie’s tail is pretty short…

Back of Adult Magpie

…compared to Mom & Dad’s.

Young Magpie looking at me

A young Magpie looks at me through the window

6 Responses

  1. What a lovely bird! Thanks for the photos…Blessings – Patty

  2. These are nice photos of what is usually a very elusive bird!

  3. Love magpies, always up to something! Great photos!

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