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  1. What a great set of photos. I’ve never seen a moose in real life, but I imagine they’re very impressive.

  2. How cool! I see several each summer, but very seldom get a chance to sit and watch them. This is great!

    • Thanks! It is pretty neat to be able to watch them munching away right out in the front yard. 🙂

  3. Brings back my memories of Wyoming…the moose would come up on our front porch and look at me through the windows! Loved seeing this rather huge curious and always in a bad mood moose, according to our Wyoming neighbors…still they are awesome and cool to see. Thanks for sharing:)

    • I’ve never had one look at me through the window, but that would be fun to see. My cat probably wouldn’t like it very much though. 🙂

  4. Great shots! I hope you don’t encounter them today on “Bike to Work Day”. :0

    • Thanks, Mom! Luckily I didn’t encounter any moose on Bike to Work day. I think there were so many other bicyclists around, that the moose probably just decided to stay away. 🙂

  5. Lucky one, when seeing moose again and shooting great photos from them.

  6. Excellent photos! Love the munching moose!

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