Moose Sighting

Kitty looking at Moose

Kitty looking at Moose

I was sitting at my computer, doing a little browsing on the internet, when suddenly I noticed that my kitty was staring intently at something out the living room window. As I went to investigate, I found that she was staring at a Moose that was nibbling on a tree in the front yard.

I quickly grabbed my camera and first took a picture of my kitty staring through the window at the Moose, then I went outside on the deck and snapped a few more pictures of the munching Moose.


Moose nibbling tree

Moose nibbling tree

11 Responses

  1. I love all these photos. They are just so great.

  2. We’ve had deer nibbling on trees and bushes in our yard, but nothing bigger. You got some great pictures of the moose.

  3. Fantastic photos – thanks for sharing.

  4. What a treat to have one come to visit like that! I get to see only a few moose each year, and those only in summer in the back country.

    • I’ve seen a lot more moose hanging around here this winter than in past winters. It may be because we’ve received so much snowfall this winter, that they’re staying closer to town – where it’s easier to walk around.

  5. Sounds like you have a great “watch -cat” . Your cat saw something much bigger than a mouse,LOL.
    What kind of trees have you seen the moose nibbling on. Enjoy your moose photos.
    What an awesome President’s Birthday surprise!! Yesterday was a holiday although many companies still have to work.

    • She is a pretty good watch-cat. 😉 I’ve seen the moose nibbling on birch and willow twigs for the most part.
      I’m glad you like the photos, and I hope you had an enjoyable President’s Day!

  6. […] I have been amazed and transported by exotic (to me) birds, the wonderful winter landscapes and a moose. […]

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