Autumn Snowfall

First Snowfall of the Season

First Snowfall of the Season

According to the calendar it is still Autumn, but it sure is looking like a Winter Wonderland around here now. We received our first measurable snowfall on Sunday, and it continued to snow off and on through Halloween – making the streets a bit slick and hard to navigate for all the little trick-or-treaters.

The snow has tapered off, but now it is very windy, clear and cold. The low temperature is supposed to be 12 degrees tonight. Brrr!! I think I’ll be spending the evening curled up in front of the fireplace, alongside my cat. 🙂

For those of you who love snow, I thought I would share a few of the photos that I took of our first snowfall.


Snowy Chugach Mountains
There is definitely more snow on the Chugach Mountains.

My scarecrow Halloween decoration looks like he’s sporting a snowy white bow tie.

Snowy bird feeder
I’d better clean off this bird feeder so my feathered friends can get a bite to eat.

Clean bird feeder
There, that’s better.

Snow covered deck chairs
I don’t think I’ll be using the deck chairs for a while. 🙂

Snowy tree
Snowy tree.

4 Responses

  1. Beautiful shots AKMom. It looks like you got about the same amount of snow that we did. Poor little scarecrow – I think she wants to sit beside your cozy fireplace with you tonight. 😉

    • Haha… I did end up bringing the poor scarecrow inside, Mom! It got really windy and I was afraid it would blow away into the neighbors yard. 🙂

  2. Last year it was snowing in Finland, but not our weather has been between 44.6 ºF and 53.6 ºF. It is exceptional warm.

    You have beautiful photos – all of them, but I love most of all, the first one.

    Happy week-end!

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