Moose… not Mousse

Hi everyone! I thought I would share some pictures with you of a visitor that I had earlier this week.
Alaska Moose

Isn’t he a big boy?
Alaska Moose

I just love seeing Moose with full racks of antlers! They look so imposing – don’t they? 🙂
Alaska Moose

On an entirely different note…I want to let my readers and fellow bloggers know that I’ll be taking a break from blogging for a bit. Don’t worry…there are no health issues, problems, or crisis going on in my life that I need to attend to. I’m just taking a break for awhile.

I’ll be back soon with more recipes and pictures to share. I really hope to see you all when I return!

11 Responses

  1. Your “visitor” is beautiful. Have a nice break!

  2. Do enjoy your winter vacation from blogging. I’ve been doing the same thing by spacing out my posts to only one every week or two. Rumor has it that there are moose in the Adirondacks here in NY, but I have yet to see one. Maybe in 2010.

  3. He’s beautiful ! Have a nice break – don’t stay away too long though, we’ll miss you !

  4. we’ll miss you, but we’re here when you get back!

  5. Oh sad for us! Well, we’ll be here when you get back! 🙂 Don’t be gone too long!

  6. I love you neighbors. Some of mine have horns but not a rack like that. LOL Come visit me, I have something for you. Fondly, Rosie

  7. We will miss you and hope you return soon.

  8. Hello AK mom,
    I’m glad I found your blog on the Food candy site.
    What a delight to see photos of moose visiting your yard. I especially like the first and third photos.
    When we went on vacation to Maine, I was hoping to see a moose, but settled for a Moose store merchandise.
    Have a great winter break and hope to see you post for spring.

  9. That is one beautiful moose – we miss u kiddo but enjoy your break and we’ll see you when u get back!

  10. Awh, haha! He’s beautiful 🙂 Have fun on your break!

  11. Hi, I’m a PhD student in the UK studying the effect of volcanic ash on ice and snow. I’m aware you’re having a break at the moment, but you have a couple of photos which show a sparse covering of ash from Redoubt in March 2009, which I found really interesting and I wanted to ask your permission to use them as part of my research. Please email whenever you’re back if that would be ok.

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