Thawing Lake

Thawing lake

This is a lake near my home – one which I like to take frequent walks around in the Spring, Summer and early Autumn. I haven’t walked around this lake since late last year…before Winter set in and snow filled the trail.

The weather has been so nice here lately, with temperatures in the low to mid fifties, and the snow has been melting pretty rapidly. I thought that the trail should be more or less clear of snow by now, so I decided to attempt a walk around the lake today – my first trip this Spring. 🙂

I was expecting the trail to be pretty messy, with the thawing snow and all, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was fairly dry. There were some areas of the trail that had a bit of standing water, but it really wasn’t all that bad and my hiking boots were still pretty dry by the time I got home.

I took this picture as I was coming back to the beginning of the trail, nearest my home. As you can see, the ice is slowly melting in the lake and although you can’t tell by the picture, there are visible buds on the trees – a sure sign that leaves will soon be making these trees look a little less bare. 🙂


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6 Responses

  1. It’s just so beautiful – you live in such a breathtakingly scenic part of the world – thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

  2. I always have wondered how far behind this area Alaska is in the spring season. Looks like you are about 3-4 weeks behind. I think, if I understand it correctly, you get a lot more “summer growing season” than we do. Perhaps only due to daylight hours, not temperature?

  3. You’re welcome, Lynda! It is quite pretty here, and I’m looking forward to getting out more and taking more pictures…now that the snow is melting and the temperatures are warmer. 😉

    You are right, Cedar…we do get a lot of daylight hours during the summer. In the middle of the summer season, it barely gets dark here at night. 🙂 Our summer temperatures are not very hot though. In fact, last summer I think we only had a few days where it reached 70 degrees. We’re hoping for a hotter summer this year though.

  4. Ah, so pretty, you must love how beautiful it is up there!

  5. How gorgeous!

  6. How beautiful! Oh, how I want to come and visit Alaska! I love all of your pictures. They make me feel like I am there 🙂

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