Fantastic Cake Decorating Giveaway at All About Cakes!


Fantastic Cake Decorating Giveaway at All About Cakes!

DCRose at All About Cakes is having a fantastic giveaway in honor of her 100th post!

She is giving away a Betty Crocker 200 Piece Decorator Kit!!
(Actually 200 pieces because she added an extra set)

The amazing 100 Piece Betty Crocker® Decorator Kit includes everything you need to create beautiful, perfectly decorated cakes and desserts, just like a professional. The secret is in the multi-directional applicator. Simply insert the disposable bag, fill with icing, attach the nozzle, and select the perfect applicator tip. Then, just point and squeeze. It’s so easy, you can do it with one hand! But that is not all! She ordered the bonus set too! So in addition you get:
*60 more bags
*20 decorator sculpting combs
*6 large tips
*5 new stencils
*Carrying case
*Storage bag for letter tiles
*Tri star tip and more

Entries are accepted until January 30th, 2009 – so be sure to visit All About Cakes today to enter this fabulous giveaway!!

2 Responses

  1. Hi, my first time here, loved (rather, drooled) at the lovely recipes you have here!

  2. Welcome Aquadaze!
    You also had me drooling when I visited your blog.
    You have some recipes that I’ll definitely be trying. 🙂

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